Asian Paints Returns with ‘People of Pujo’ Season 5

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An extension of Sharad Shamman, this soulful campaign recognizes the people who make Durga Pujo celebrations universal

Kolkata, 02 February, 2022: People revel in the celebrations and creativity showcased during Durga Pujo festivities, but only few know the community heroes who work behind the scenes of this vibrant festival. Asian Paints proudly presents Sharad Shamman People of Pujo- Season 5, once again bringing you heartwarming micro tales of the people who make the celebration of Durga Pujo universal. The new season features extraordinary stories of five peoplewho add a different meaning to Pujo celebration itself.

Asian Paints Sharad Shamman People of Pujo campaign was initiated in 2016. This initiative celebrates the life of certain people who make Pujo very special for millions of us. For them, Pujo is just not another festival, it is a significant part of their lives. With their unconditional effort, contribution and works, they give a new meaning altogether to Durga Pujo. #PeopleOfPujo is a series of micro-tales spinning around the lives of the heroes of Durga Pujo who we rarely come across.

Without the collective efforts of all these individual’s tales, the grandeur of Durga Puja would have been lost. With People of Pujo, we celebrate the lives of such Pujo Heroes who have unconditionally contributed to Durga Pujo celebrations.

Below are the five heroes whose stories have been featured on People Of Pujo – Season 5:

·         Ram Paul: A visually challenged artist from Nadia district of Bengal, Ram has been making Durga Idols with utmost care for years. He inherited the art of idol making from his late father who used to visit Uttar Pradesh every year before Puja for making idols. Following his father’s footsteps, Ram has been making Durga idols every year in Basti district of Uttar Pradesh.

·         Chandana and Bandana Kar: Chandana and Bandana, two sisters-in-laws from the Kar family in Uluberia, use their creativity to design and add colours to the artilleries of Goddess Durga idols. They work at the factory of Pratap Chandra Das located in Boalia and since 5 years have been working their magic to make thousands of deity weapons every year.

·         Munmun Sarkar: Munmun is a big-hearted toto driver from Siliguri who celebrates Durga Pujo every year with senior citizens residing in old age homes. She gifts them new clothes, takes them pandal hopping in her toto and treats them to lunch during Pujo days. Additionally, her unwavering efforts in helping patients by taking them to hospitals free of cost during the pandemic was commendable. She was lauded by the Vice President of India as well.

·         Rono Banerjee: Banerjee’s landmark creations for Durga Pujo in Kolkata are legendary. His experience as Creative Director for a leading ad agency combined with his art college background brought a whole new dimension to Kolkata’s Durga Pujo celebration. His creations of hyper realistic art form helped many clubs emerge as big names in Kolkata’s Pujo circuit.    

·         Mousumi Choudhury: Hailing from Purulia district of Bengal, Mousumi broke the norms of a male dominated tradition of Chhau dance. She formed an all-girls band of Chhau dancers and started performing the play of Mahisashurmardini where she plays the role of Debi Durga. Today she is the face of Chau dance in Purulia for which UNESCO included her in ‘Intangible Cultural Heritages of Humanity’ list.

A new episode People Of Pujo- Season 5 will be released every week. Below is the schedule:

Episode 01 – Ram Paul on 28th Jan

Episode 02 – Chandana & Bandana Kar on 4th Feb

Episode 03 – Munmun Sarkar on 11th Feb

Episode 04 – Rono Banerjee on 18th Feb

Episode 05 – Mousumi Choudhury on 25th Feb

Watch the season promo of People Of Pujo – Season 5 in the link below:

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