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If you’ve ever experienced hair lice with your children, there’s always a sense of panic caused if they’re ever caught scratching their heads. And while going to school is extremely important for a child’s overall development, with children returning to school and the back to school energy amongst young kids and mothers, there is a persistent fear of the child catching either infections or bringing home hair lice from school. But schools are not the only source, with the monsoons setting in, the dampness in the air creates the perfect hub for the growth of hair lice.

Head lice affect school-aged children and their families. They can attach to the hair of anyone’s head, irrespective of the hair being clean or dirty. Head-to-head contact with an infected person is common during play at school, home, and outdoors (sports activities, playground, slumber parties, camp)​ which can easily lead to spread of lice. Some of the common symptoms of lice include itching in the scalp, feeling of ticklishness, irritability and difficulty sleeping (head lice are most active in the dark), sores on the head caused by scratching. 

One bout with lice and we have to start washing everything in the house and picking through hair strand by strand looking for nits. And yes while lice combs can give you temporary relief, they are never the answer to curbing the problem of hair lice at root level.The sharp tooth of lice can manage to kill the lice present on the scalp, but are ineffective in the removal of lice nits. These sharp edges also damage a child’s scalp.

In a pan India LIVE conducted by Momspresso, India’s leading platform for mothers, we had Tisca Chopra address this issue, with a specialist doctor & a hair expert.

Actor, Tisca Chopra also spoke about her experience of dealing with lice “Back when my daughter was younger, I had tried various home remedies to work my way against hair lice such as applying oil, applying mayonnaise, using a lice comb and almost always these gave my daughter a temporary relief. After much struggle, I started using the medicated shampoo, Mediker, which gave me a permanent solution against lice.”

Mediker is a 100% natural solution that contains active ingredients such as neem, camphor and sitaphal extracts with the goodness of Lauric acid in coconut oil that can help treat lice. Neem oil is effective and contains insecticidal ingredients that helps disrupt the lice reproduction cycle and the goodness of lauric acid in coconut oil can help treat lice. The medicated shampoo stuns big and small lice which can be removed by comb​. Eggs hatch in 1-2 weeks and in the next 2 weeks Mediker removes these new lice​. In the last week, Mediker helps remove any lice left and hence breaks the cycle of lice. The medicated shampoo is clinically tested by doctors for lice removal in kids.

Dr Neha Rastogi, Consultant Infectious Diseases, Fortis Hospital MBBS, MD. DM From AIIMS Delhi according to her expertise she mentions “Using an anti-lice shampoo is the most effective solution of eradicating hair lice. But these anti-lice shampoos need to contain natural ingredients and be clinically proven to eradicate lice in a natural manner without being toxic to your child’s health. The medical benefits of neem and coconut are proven ways to tackle this problem which is why I recommend parents to opt for medicated shampoos that are made of herbal ingredients and are clinically tested to be safe.”

Hair expert Mridula Kini from Marico, who has a rich experience of over 27 years in the pharma & personal care industry says “Being in the pharma & personal care industry for so many years, I can effectively say that Parents should opt for only medicated shampoos to effectively treat the lice problems in a more permanent and sustained manner.

Mediker is the best solution for hair lice since it contains natural ingredients, is clinically proven to be safe for kids and the shampoo breaks the cycle of lice, ensuring your child’s hair stays healthy and mothers stay stress free throughout the monsoon season.”

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