BJP Govt. In india has passed CAA and NRC bill in parliament without debate in loksabha with opposition party .For CAA And NRC Bill , all Indian’s against it. People of India Has start Rally against this Bill. They protest in every places in different city. In Mumbai there is lots of celebrity’s  start rally against this bill.
In this time .One rally has started in chembur wasinaka By Rahul Singh Sudan(socialworker) with his team member.He is well know personality in Chembur between Muslim Minority and poor public. He is social worker.He also support minority in every time for any problems .He also support Muslims Minority. He started protest against BJP Govt.for CAA And NRC. He got good response from Muslims. Rahul singh sudan belongs from sikh community but he support Muslims for Humanity. For that reason, ge got lots of threaten by BJP workers for support Muslims, but he hasn’t  give up his support for Muslims and poor people .he continue his rally against BJP for Muslims and Minoritys   Rahul said, BJP government is in power and killing democracy in india. They passed this bill by forcefully.and we the people of India will fight against this bill till death.

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